First Aid Kit for Runners

If you run, it’s inevitable: sooner or later, you’ll be picking yourself up off the pavement/trail/track and wishing you had whatever it is your particular injury requires for patching up. I’ve put together a list of first-aid items that I’ve found helpful, and sometimes essential, in that post-whoops moment. For convenience, you can gather these […]

Review: The HydraQuiver from Orange Mud

Product name and make: The HydraQuiver from Orange Mud Function: Bounce-less, slosh-free hydration pack Specs: Price = $84.95, hydration capacity of 21-26 ounces, nylon construction Form: Top-notch construction. Nothing shoddy about this piece of gear. Durable and reliable. Fit: Spot on for (petite) me; ditto for my average-size female friend; snug and a little restrictive […]