Friday Five: What’s in My Gym Bag

I’m loving DC Trifecta’s Friday Five linkup. Thanks Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia for hosting this fun linkup!

Today, a sneak peak into the inner lives of our gym bags! Without further ado, here are Five Things in My Gym Bag:

1. My iPod. Can’t do without this for treadmill runs. It has the magic power to make time on dreadmill go by much more (but not entirely) painlessly. I like Metallica, Pink, Drowning Pool, Beastie Boys, DevilDriver, In This Moment, Excision, et al. for workouts and speedwork; audiobooks for long runs.

2. Snacks. What can I say? This girl likes to eat. I’m typically packing a homemade energy bar or a banana. Or nuts. Or blackberries. Or a peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

3. Water. I have the hydration needs of a camel when I work out. No lie. I need a liter to get me though a 5k. My favorite water bottle is the Camelbak Chute.

4. My heart-rate monitor. For HIIT workouts at the gym, not for running. I don’t love the feeling of it around my ribs (ICAN’TBREATHEITELLYOU), so I wear it only when I’m doing something unpleasant/difficult enough to be distracted: box jumps, Jacob’s ladder, mountain climbers–I’m looking at you. I link up with the Polar app.

5. Lip balm. Because I can’t have a good workout if my lips are uncomfortable, not because I’m vain. (I’m a little vain, but not vain/ambitious enough to wear makeup to the gym.) I like Aquaphor’s spf 30 lip balm for outside runs; Burt’s Bees (any flavor) for inside workouts.

What’s in your gym bag? Do tell!

How much fun is this!?


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