Five Ways to Celebrate National Running Day

Today, June 4, is National Running Day! To help you make the most of your celebration, I’ve put together a list of ways you can participate in the festivities.

  1. Run long(er). If you typically go out for 3 miles on your run, push forward to 4 or 5. You don’t know how far you can go till you just keep going!50b19680de0634b78865614edb4d7ebd
  2. Try a trail. If you’re usually a road runner, try a trail. There’s something celebratory about running wild. You might fall in love with a whole new facet of the sport! If you’re already a trail runner, try running a trail you’ve maybe heard about but never run before. If two paths diverge in a yellow wood, take the less traveled one (but don’t blaze your own unless your wildlife survival skills are on point).
  3. Register for a race. You’ve had an eye on that race for a long time now. You fantasize about adding the medal (or buckle) to your collection. Or maybe you’re new to running and haven’t worked up the courage to enter a race yet. Today is the day! Visit UltraSignup and Active to find and register for races from 5K fun runs to 100-plus-mile ultramarathons.  It’s a great time to face your Goliath–go forth and register!
  4. Treat yourself. New shoes? New shorts? New bling? Yes, please. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to head to your local running store and have your foot/stride/gait evaluated in a professional fitting.41458b382daee578d683aaa162895a09
  5. Just go. No second thoughts today. You have time. Lace up and head out. Give whatever you can to your run. Just enjoy the process. Fall back in love with running.

How are you going to celebrate? Leave a comment and share!


Thoughts? Do share.

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