10 Qs with Steve Harvey


Steve Harvey, with his lovely wife, Annie

10 Qs with Steve Harvey

Race Director, Old Goat 50, Nanny Goat, Chimera

Web site: Old Goat Trail Races
Facebook: Steve Harvey

1. What is your running story? (When/who/how did you get started?)

A Convoluted path – I lived on Guam and had celebrated my 29th birthday with a bottle of $250 Cognac, and awoke with the mother of all hangovers.  When I looked out of my apartment window I saw people trying to mark lanes in the high school crushed coral track with a huge rake. Out of curiosity I went over (with a splitting headache) and asked if I could help.  I learned that they were member of the Guam running club and were prepping for a meet.  I suggested they attach the lane rake to my car to speed up the process.  I then became a spectator.  The last event of the day was a mile…  Having been a high school jock, I asked if I could enter.  I was wearing a bathing suit and hauraches. I ran a 6:45 and came in dead last… (I got better.)  I continued running until I returned Stateside… where as a recent divorcee, I took up smoking and strong drink.

Segue ten years, remarried, generally sober, and fifty pounds overweight.  My daughter announced at dinner that daddy was fat “F.A.T. spells fat.” My then wife informed me that there was fifty pounds she didn’t marry and she didn’t want to sleep with.  I started jogging to lose weight and perhaps regain a partner.  When I started running with a friend he suggested we run a marathon together…  I scoffed… but, a few months later my weight was down and speed was up so I entered the Heart of San Diego Marathon.  At twenty miles my friend told me he couldn’t hold the pace and sent me ahead.  I ran a 3:17.  Encouraged, I entered three other marathons.  I broke 3 hours and continued lowering my times (and weight) for two years… I was a respectable street marathoner.  Then one day another friend asked if I wanted to “go long” on a trail.  Without further info I agreed.  My ‘long’ training runs at the time were18 -20 miles on asphalt.  After 13 miles of truck trail I asked Walter “How long is long?”  His response was “42 why?”  I ran the 42 loved every step and wanted more dirt…  Thirty two years later I still want more dirt!

 2. In a given week, how many miles/hours do you run?

50 – 60 optimal…  any more and I ache.

 3. If you could run any race and be guaranteed to finish in the top 5, which would it be?

The next one (really – participating is far more important than placing).

 4. What’s in your race bag (i.e., what items do you consider essential for self-care when running a race)?

Aleve during and a cooler with beer for after.

 5. Do you cross-train? If so, what do you do when you’re not running?

No…  exercycle at a health club.

 6. If you run with music, tell us what’s on your go-to playlist right now.

I sing at the top of my lungs.  People running with ear buds annoy me.

 7. Do you observe a special diet or eat differently when training? Tell us about it.

Vegan with a bacon problem.

 8. Worst running-related injury you’ve had?

Displaced fracture of big toe…  I ignored it and it didn’t heal correctly.  My speed never returned.

9. Running moment you’re most proud of?

Proposing to Annie during Western States 100.

 10. Please share your best piece of running wisdom/advice:

Don’t stop.   DFL is better than DNF which is better than DNS.


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