Handana Review

20141001_104236You know when you’re out on a run and sweat is just pouring into your eyes because it’s 103 degrees in Las Vegas eventhough it’s September and it’s like training in a clothes dryer, but brighter?

Maybe it’s a decent temperature where you live. Maybe fall knows what to do, and you’re out on a trail enjoying a lovely crisp fall day with just enough chill in the air to rosy up your cheeks…and make your nose run…and run…and run…

Maybe it’s just me, but I find running, regardless of climate, to be a damp sport. Which is why I was pretty interested when I came across the Handana. The lovely folks who make this sweet little product were kind enough to send me a tester (in the pic I’m wearing extra-small in red, which fits my child-size hand perfectly.

The Handana is one of those products (like the Furminator and chewing gum) that you don’t necessarily know you need until you learn it exists. In the past, I used my running sleeves to mop up and then handed them off to a crew member when they were maxed out (sorry, Paris!). The Handana handily omits the wet wad of tissues stuffed into your waistband (because running shorts never have pockets–and why is that?), the wet spots on your T-shirt sleeves, the totally inappropriate blowing of snot rockets on a crowded running trail (if you’re reading this, Mr. Mucus…yeah, that is not okay).

This stretchy little beauty slips over your hand, giving you a comfortable, convenient shvitz blotter. It works great; it looks supercool (especially compared to the alternatives); and when you get home, you just wash it out in the sink, hang it up to dry, and it’s ready for tomorrow’s run.

And P.S. ~ it’s not just for runners. You can wear it over cycling gloves (hello, drippy dude in spin class?), playing tennis, heck, even for gardening and mowing the lawn.

Check out http://www.myhandana.com/ for more info and to order!


Thoughts? Do share.

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