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The Esopus Bend

The Esopus Bend

What does “run the bend” mean? When the trail curves around a dense stand of trees or outcropping of rock or rises sharply, twisting to a point out of sight, the impulse is to hesitate, to slow down and contemplate the risk presented by unknown variables on an obscured path. When I’m tempted to get bogged down in analysis, when I’m plagued by what-ifs and buts, I remember what I’ve been through before, and if I was strong then, I’m certainly stronger now.

I know that ultimately, I’ll deal with whatever is waiting around the curve when I get there, and it’s rarely worth the loss in momentum to stop and worry. I tell myself to push past the second-guessing, not to borrow trouble, and to just keep going, to run the bend.

Thoughts? Do share.

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