Review: Energems

In every ultramarathon, there is that moment–the cris de fois, the “dark night of the soul,” whatever you want to call it–when everything collapses and you feel you just can’t take one. more. step. If the marathon has a “wall,” then the ultramarathon has an abyss. There is a fatigue that goes beyond anything we […]

Review: The HydraQuiver from Orange Mud

Product name and make: The HydraQuiver from Orange Mud Function: Bounce-less, slosh-free hydration pack Specs: Price = $84.95, hydration capacity of 21-26 ounces, nylon construction Form: Top-notch construction. Nothing shoddy about this piece of gear. Durable and reliable. Fit: Spot on for (petite) me; ditto for my average-size female friend; snug and a little restrictive […]