About me

About Me



I’m a writer, editor, and pastry chef. And odd combo, but hey, it works for me.

Two of my best characteristics are curiosity and tenacity. These help me get a lot of stuff done. Also, I’m not afraid of snakes, spiders, or rodents. I’m not crazy about house centipedes though.

Things I like: good people (among them my life partner, Jimmy, and my kids), pizza, cats of any age, tattoos, good books, hard rock, craft beer and red wine, coffee, sparkly things (to look at, not to wear), running trails, the deep woods, tigers, rain, nachos, Jesus, high heels, new notebooks (actually, office supplies in general), small gestures of kindness, muggy summer evenings

Thinks I dislike: rude/inconsiderate/mean people, bad drivers, headaches, chicken, the cold, wind, splinters, ice cream without chunks

Hang out with me on social media:

Twitter: @run_the_bend

Facebook: Sandy Smith Writer

Instagram: Ink_and_Sugar

Pinterest: Sandra Smith

Thoughts? Do share.

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